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We are revolutionizing traditional waste management by developing innovative green transitional technologies while operating as a “full service” Materials Lifecycle Management Company®

Our History

Since its inception in 1998, the Materials Lifecycle Management Company® (“MLMC”) has focused on the development of economical, environmentally-friendly technology and equipment that seeks to maximize the value of the non-residential, non-hazardous unwanted materials currently being discarded as waste in landfills and incinerators. To that end, MLMC has perfected and patented proprietary technology to turn those same waste materials into a cleaner, cost-effective alternative fuel engineered to either augment or completely replace traditional fossil fuels used in energy intensive industrial processes such as power plant operations and cement manufacturing, among others. In 2011, the United States Environmental Protection Agency “USEPA” designated our Enviro-Fuelcubes® a “Non-Waste” and “Legitimate” fuel approved for use in Energy Intensive Industrial Processes as an alternative commodity fuel. Nineteen state regulatory offices have also recognized the benefits of MLMC’s alternative fuel and manufacturing operations.

To MLMC, the 60 million tons of industrial waste materials landfilled each year is not trash, but a commodity we refer to as Secondary Recovered Materials®, or “SRM®“. Our ability to harvest value from SRM® enables us to contract with non-residential waste producers to process their SRM® on a long-term basis. Not only do these companies avoid paying traditionally high disposal fees to existing landfill/incinerator companies, but they are able to achieve zero-landfill goals.

Since Inception

Total waste diverted from landfills:

Total alternative fuel manufactured:

Total coal displaced:

and counting…

MLMC’s operations occupy a superior position on the waste hierarchy compared to traditional operators

Source: Environmental Protection Agency

Our ability to co-process waste is a key to our company’s success. Co-processing is a method of waste management that effectively utilizes waste that can’t be reused or recycled, while at the same time recovering the energy content contained within that waste stream. Co-processing enables energy intensive industries, such as lime or cement manufacturing and power generation, to replace or augment their traditional fossil fuels with an environmentally responsible alternative fuel source. It is a preferred form of waste management that diverts waste from landfills and incinerators, reduces greenhouse gases and preserves natural resources.

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